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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello friends! My second novel, Revenge Ticket, is FREE now through the weekend. If you have a Kindle device, or a kindle app on any tablet or mobile, you can download your free copy right now. Just follow the link. Unbiased reviews posted to amazon greatly appreciated. 

Monday, July 20, 2015


At last, after several delays, my new novel, Revenge Ticket, is now available in the amazon kindle store. Release of the print edition will soon follow. You can now instantly download the kindle edition and read on any kindle device, or any mobile device, tablet or PC using the kindle app. I look forward to feedback from readersPlease feel free to leave an unbiased review on amazon. Here is the link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear friends, my new novel titled: Revenge Ticket, has officially been entered into amazon's scout program. I need your help.

The amazon scout program is a platform that allows authors to submit new books to be considered for publication by amazon's in-house publishing company (Kindle Press). Once submitted, authors are given a time-sensitive 30 day campaign on the kindle scout website. Readers (you and me) can visit the site and browse the many current author campaigns. You can read chapter samples, a synopsis, author bio, etc., and if a certain title elicits your interest and enthusiasm, you are then encouraged to click on the "nominate" icon under that specific title. The more nominations an author gets, the stronger his or her campaign will be, and the more likely that book will be picked up by Kindle Press at the end of the 30 day campaign. If my title is selected, Kindle Press will sell and market my novel and enter into a publishing agreement with me. I will receive a royalty advance and a 50/50 split of future sales. This is truly a reader-driven publishing platform.

My campaign for Revenge Ticket is now live on the site and the clock is ticking. I am asking each of you to visit the site (follow link below) and click the "nominate" icon under Revenge Ticket. Please feel free to sample my new novel by reading the first two chapters. Thanks in advance for your help and kindness. You may need to be signed in to your amazon account to nominate titles; I apologize for that minor inconvenience. Here is the link to my campaign:

Revenge Ticket on kindle scout

For your information, Revenge Ticket will be published soon after the 30 day campaign ends on the kindle scout website. Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming soon! 
The new novel: Revenge Ticket
by Kevin Pickell

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Revenge Ticket manuscript is now in the hands of some very talented, savvy, beta readers with refined sharp eyes. I am really impressed with them thus far. I have already gotten some constructive feedback and have made many of the changes they have recommended. The manuscript is really tightening up and becoming more polished; and for that I am both excited and thankful.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

News: It is now December 21, 2014. 3:00 PM. I have officially just finished the first draft of my forthcoming novel Revenge Ticket. Just now typed the words: The end. I'm both excited and exhausted.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Greeting from Tabor City! I am entering the final stages of completing the first-draft of Revenge Ticket. It's not an excessively long novel, probably coming in around 70K words. I wanted this story to be a tight page-turner full of dark, twisted suspense. I have infused this story with a certain pulp-noir character. Although the dystopian backdrop is set in the year 2067, it has the gritty nostalgic air of instead having took place in the 1960's. It's a rather strange converse but I think it works. 

This will be my second novel, and each is like one of your children. We are not suppose to have favorites when it comes to our children, but I will say that Revenge Ticket will be my favorite of the two. I have immensely enjoyed writing it. I looked forward to getting back to the computer every day to write and to see what might happen next with my protagonist Bobby Ackman. I hope the reader will have the same experience as they turn the pages, losing themselves inside this odd world I have created. And it is just that, odd! You might ask what it was that I was smoking and drinking as I wrote this novel. You can see the synopsis in the prior post below this one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season. When we talk again after the holidays I will reveal the cover design for Revenge Ticket. Then shortly after, it will be released, most certainly in January.

If you are a random visitor to this page, please enter your email address in the box at the top of the page and you will be notified of any updates, and given a notification when the new novel is at last released. It will be available as a paperback (distributed and sold by amazon) and as Kindle ebook. Using the free Kindle app, it can be downloaded and read on any tablet or mobile device--such as iPad, Galaxy, iPhone, Android phones, and, of course, any Kindle. It will not be sold by Barnes & Noble as I have an exclusive agreement with amazon. But I believe you can now load the Kindle reading app onto Nook devices.

Sincerely, Kevin Pickell, Tabor City, NC.