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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Author's note: At long last the novel is available. I look forward to your feedback and reviews...for better or worse. If the story resonates with you, I only ask that you help spread the word via social media outlets...tell a friend on Facebook. I sincerely appreciate your help in getting the word out that my debut novel is now available. I encourage you to leave reviews, good or bad. The good reviews will spur sales and interest, while the bad ones will help make me a better author. The paperback should also be available on amazon early next week, as soon as I get the proof and approve the print (in process as we speak). I chose a 6x9 (over the 5x8) size-format for the novel, which shrunk the page count (more words per page on the 6x9). The page count would be approx. 327 pages on a more traditional 5x8, but comes in at 270 pages in the 6x9. Anyway, now it's time to get started on my next novel. I hope everyone has a great Christmas season. God bless you all!!

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