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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hi everyone! It's been awhile. I've been busy writing the next novel. I am shooting for a January 2015 release, and it's looking good. To be honest, the plot hasn't turned out to be anything like I first envisioned when I started typing the first pages. I will give you all a peek at the cover art as soon as my designer gets me the samples. The title will be: Revenge Ticket. Here is the preliminary blurb that I am still revising.

In the year 2067, Bobby Ackman is a proud man with a chip on his shoulder, toiling in the Tabitha City slums, enduring a life of poverty and despair when he spends his last dollar on a sordid lottery ticket.

It’s one of the government’s most insidious games, rewarding one yearly winner with a windfall of prize-money, and allowing them to select one of their fellow citizens for execution. Against incomprehensible odds, Bobby has matched all seven numbers from the absurd drawing of numbered ping-pong balls. His incessant lust for retribution against the man who derailed his once-promising career inside the dystopian government is at once galvanized.

Or so he thought.

Devlin Johnson is a man with powerful friends who can help him escape Bobby’s morbid snare of damnation. A violent storm of conspiracy, conflict, and political intrigue ensues. And yet it is the man Bobby sees in the mirror, and the inexorable voice he hears inside his head, that ultimately prove to be his own worst enemy.

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